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Intermediate (Advanced) Training Class
Prerequisite of Basic Obedience is a must
(Taken Anywhere)
Classes Held at Webster CountryMax Event Center
Webster CountryMax
This class is designed for all age groups.  After taking a Basic Obedience, your dog needs to be able to sit, down, stay, and walk on a leash properly in order to sign up and be successful.
This class builds a solid foundation if you want to bring your dog in public places. (Where allowed, this is not a therapy certification). If you have taken any basic obedience class, this class is for you!!!
What is Covered but Not Limited too
  • Heel

  • Go to place

  • Long distance recall

  • To stay in a down in a retail environment

What to bring to class
  • 5 or 6 foot leash, no retractable leashes are allowed in class

  • Bring harness and all current equipment you are using for walking 

  • Small treats for training enough to get through class

  • Please be on time

  • For everyone's safety no shorts or sandals please

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