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Leash Work at Your Home or at a Public Location

loose leash walking, pulling on a leash

Does this photo look familiar?

Let me help you change it!

This service is for you if you are experiencing; 
  • Leash Pulling

  • Reactive to other dogs or people when on a leash

  • Does Not want to walk on a leash play's statue

  • Impulse control

What leash work teaches you and your dog
  • To walk along with you on a loose leash, no pulling

  • When you stop, your dog will stop next to you in a sit poistion

  • Help you work with the right equipment and or tools to stop leash pulling

  • Handle a situation when your dog becomes reactive

  • Focus on you and the walk to make it a bonding experience

Pricing for one on one leash training
  • Evaluation is required for a one time fee of $125

  • 1 Day Session $145

  • 2 Day Session $280 ($10 savings)

  • 3 Day Session $420 ($15 savings)

Prior to the first evaluation you be billed the evaluation fee by invoice prior that must be paid in full

There is a travel fee of
$15 for over 20 miles from my location
$25 for 21 miles and over

Please fill out form and Hansen's will get back to you within 2 business days 

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